"To me, life is a work of art, always in progress and only finished when we take our last breath."

It is through this belief that art informs all that I am and all that I do. Even within the daily routines that consume so much of our time, art is alive and only waits for our notice.

With time and age I’ve discovered ways to let my authentic self-play out in who I am and the events of my life, but something always seemed missing...one of my instructors called it “finding your voice”.  I found my voice when I created my first hand built piece of pottery.

Running my own business for over 25 years made control a necessary part of my world. With clay, I’ve learned the opposite. By letting go of control I am able to see what the clay wants me to see. When I truly let go, I can create beauty. It flows from the very essence of my being.

As with much in life, what we’ve done in the past can play a part in the new that we desire. My 18 years as a massage therapist have taught me that human muscles  respond not to control and force, but to the work of my hands to find what the body needs me to find. It is this experience that allows me to feel the clay and to hear the voice of the art within waiting to be released.

Lucy Clark is a "Hand Build" Potter.

Each pot is built in the coil method, one layer at a time.  It is then embellished or carved and set to dry for a month before it is fired.

The firing process involves bringing the kiln up very slowly to a temperature of around 1300 degrees and then it is turned off and watched until it hits 990 degrees.  At that crucial point, the piece is lifted out with Kevlar gloves and placed in sawdust to “smoke” the pot in the old Pueblo style tradition.  Lucy uses no glazes in her process.  The sheen from some of her pots comes from burnishing (polishing) the piece with a small quartz stone until it is smooth and silky to the touch. This has to be done within a small window of time – if the clay is too wet it will leave grooves, if it is too dry it will scratch the surface.

Each piece is different in its aesthetic. Lucy pulls from her many years as a massage therapist and touching people to listen to what the clay wants to be and how it wishes to be transformed into shape in the physical universe.

Current Gallery Showing

The Gallery at Flat Rock showcases the works of local and national artists, carries unique, handmade gifts, and offers art workshops.  It is also a rental space available for photo shoots, artist projects, meeting clients, and to host small events.