Kindness and Compassion Prevail

I was presenting my art at an art show this weekend.  Though the first day was rainy and cold, I had 3 of my ceramic works find their way into their forever homes.  I went home feeling tired but satisfied. Sunday started out as a lovely day - the weather cleared and it promised to be a busy day. Then, I realized that my most expensive piece called Floating Lotus had been stolen.  This had never happened to me before and I was in a state of shock.  I didn't notice it while setting up.  I filed a police report and worked on going about the day the best I could.

The day was winding down and all of the artists were getting ready to pack up.  What happened next is on every artists "worst nightmare" list. One of the artists was backing up his truck and trailer when he hit my booth.  The frame of my tent was bent and 4 of my pieces were destroyed.  I found myself screaming and on my knees.  In that moment, I felt utterly frozen and helpless.  A set of emotions I very rarely experience.  All of a sudden, almost out of nowhere, the artists surrounding me yesterday came to my rescue.  While I was incapacitated, they, along with my husband, went about securing my tent and what was left of my work.  These people, who hardly knew me, stopped what they were doing to lend a hand.

Whenever I am at odds with the rawness and rudeness of humanity, I will remember this moment.  Not for the artist who hit my tent, felt no real remorse and will probably never reimburse me for my work, but for the beauty and the giving of these fellow artists that gave of their time to help and comfort me when I needed it the most.

While, I know, I was not physically hurt, I still feel a great sense of loss.  In time, this too shall pass.  I will set about creating again and let it be a positive motivating force to push my creations to the next level.

Kindness and compassion will always prevail.Image