The Soul and Grace of Art

In my day time profession as a Licensed Massage Therapist, I am always working to get spasmed muscles to release, stressed clients to relax and my day to develop an easy flow.  As it is in my living so it is with my art and my life. When I touch clay, after just a few minutes, all the sharp edges of my world start to soften.  I can audibly hear my breath slow, set to the rhythm of my hands.  In this simple rote act of building a piece of pottery I find myself.  Not someone who has an agenda or any earthly idea of what I am doing, being, having, controlling, manipulating or planning.

There comes a time in everyone's life, whether we like to admit or not, where either the masks come off.......or they harden onto our being like concrete.  One can slowly lose themselves to ideas, personalities, groups and rigid ideas that they think is them.  And yet it isn't.  The belief system that we set in place over the years, whether it has manifested through family, religion or friends was put in place to guide us until we could raise ourselves up enough to think for ourselves.

Just think of all of the lovely people, places and experiences we are holding off by wearing all the old stuff that just doesn't serve us or the higher good any longer.  By releasing that which does not work any longer, we can open ourselves up a brand new world of light and creation.  Honestly, this is how I found my art.  I had to release the hurtful past which I allowed to hold me back.  The painful relationships that were continuing to create negativity and darkness in my life and find what my soul needed.  It may sound simple to say that clay did that for me.  You see, clay is a lot like yoga.  You just do the same things over and over again with your physical body, never really noticing that subtle yet profound changes are occurring until, one day, you wake up and everything just seems more..........available and alive.

I once had a friend who said that "you have to take out the garbage before anything new will come in the door."  For everything that we release it leaves room for the fresh air of new growth and opportunity to come a' knockin'. Doing this with soul and grace by your side makes for the most beautiful kind of art.Image