Letting Go.......

IMG_2875There is something that I just recently realized about myself and I have to say, I'm a little embarrassed.  If you have known me for any length of time, you already know that I LOVE to touch clay.  Actually, if you have only known me for about 5 minutes, you would clearly get it.  For the past 5 years, since I was first introduced to hand building, I have been obsessed with the process and eventually I became hyper vigilant about getting my work out into the world for others to see.  To see another person connect with my work is a sacred event in my world. Having said that, I have held something back........something that has created an obstacle to my own prosperity.  Sometimes, well most of the time, I fall in love with my work - usually the newest piece is the object of my affection.  This is not to say, that I, above anyone else's eyes, see every flaw in my work.  I sometimes over analyze the mistakes in my work, picking at them like a scab until I create a wound that takes too long to heal.  However, what I have uncovered is the fact that I attach myself to my work too much.  With all the love, thought, care and attention I give to each piece, I have forgotten the process of letting go.  I now realize that if I want to share my work with others, I must first learn how to let go of it so that each piece has a chance to find it's new home.  My fear, of course, is that with each piece that moves on, I have a little less creativity to share.  Well here's the kicker........just the opposite is true!! With the release of each creation, I am able to "declutter" my physical, emotional and spiritual space which in turns gives me more space to create.

Just as we all need to declutter our home to create more opportunity and growth so it is with our art.  I'm letting go........one piece at a time.

The Art of DeCluttering

I have been ruminating on the subject of clutter lately. I have read a few articles that stated that an artist needs clutter - somehow, it seems, that clutter equated into a greater level of creativity. That by having things in disarray meant that there was a flow happening; that a bumbling into the next masterpiece was just on the cusp of occurring. Coming from a background of order equals sanity, you can well imagine how I could take exception to this theory. However, it set my thoughts in motion about what might make sense for an artist's work space, or any work space for that matter.

As a practicing Feng Shui practitioner, I was taught that clutter could actually cause the flow of "chi" or energy to stagnate or become restricted. A space that allowed the eye to gently meander through it was healthy. I have seen this practice work time and time again. I have also seen that some of the messiest desks or art spaces can in fact produce beautiful work. How could both ends of the spectrum be true? In this right OR wrong society in which we live, most people need concrete dictums and absolutes in which to operate. But here's the thing.........artist's don't usually follow concrete dictums or absolutes. In fact, most of the artist's I have known try to abolish them from their lives. The confines of strict lines can actually inhibit the creative process rather than allow it to flourish.

So, after a lot of thought, this is what I believe to be true....everything we "OWN" "OWNS" us back. Everything in the universe has energy attached to it or emanating from it. If a person, place or thing brings joy into yourImage life and space, than by all means KEEP IT! If, on the other hand, any one of those things brings a sense of depression, fixed considerations or general "yuckiness" PITCH IT FAST! The fact that our possessions are also possessing us means that we should all thoughtfully choose what we want, need or desire in our lives. We only have so much of us to go around. Less "stuff" could mean more space in one's life and with more space fresh opportunities actually have a chance to say hello.