The Beauty of Trust

Many times in my life, I have come to a crossroads.  Whether it was with a person, situation, direction or in a moment of creation, I felt I needed to reach out and trust someone other than myself.  There are a lot of folks that would LOVE to tell me what to do!  And, there are sometimes, I do so desperately desire to give up control and let someone else run my life and make the decisions.  But, having lived through a few of these experiences, I have learned a few things.

1.  When you ask someone for their advice, opinion or viewpoint, be ready for the answer.  It may not be the answer you long for or one that you expected.  But, if you have chosen that individual for their insight, be prepared to receive it.  

2.  Check your own agenda, and their motivations.  Not everyone has your best interests in mind; they have theirs.  Whether it is unconscious or not, they are speaking from what they want and desire.  It's human nature.......sort of. Which leads to the next point.......

3.  Ask an expert.  If I need help with a financial situation, I will ask a financial expert.  If I need help with creativity, or relationships, or cooking........I will ask someone who has a much higher level of expertise than I possess.  I want to grow, not have somebody else agree with me.  

4.  Having a few people you trust is priceless.  How many people do you really need to trust?  One, five, twenty?  In my experience, I have a couple of people that I trust with my life.  I also have a few people that I trust with certain areas of my life.  Sometimes trust is only needed per subject area.  I am happy to pay someone for their expertise because it is an even energy exchange.  If you truly want to learn, pay someone for their knowledge.  You will walk away with fresh new insight, and they will walk away being compensated for their brilliance.

5.  Trust your own voice.  If you are in doubt, ask someone for their input.  Listen, acknowledge what they are saying, process it, but if it doesn't fit for you and your life, it doesn't fit.  So many times we KNOW the answer, we are just looking for validation. That's fine, but to constantly rely on other people's input about your own path will lead you to dependency and, one day, you might look back and realize this isn't your beautiful life.  It's everyone's idea of your beautiful life.

6.  Trust that the Universe, God and your higher self "has got your back". This has been the most difficult for me.  I'm a "can do" kind of gal.  I never want to feel indebted to anyone.  But here's the secret.......if your intentions are clear and true, what you are working to bring to life will happen. The higher powers that be - they want you to ask.  Life breeds breeds beauty.  

7.  Get clear........really clear.  By asking for someone else for their viewpoint, you are sometimes getting clear on what you don't want in this world and that's just fine.  Most of time, I have figured out what I do want by figuring out what I don't.  Finding your own voice is sometimes messy with a few failures thrown in for good measure.  But the question is,  What else is worth doing?  Every day is a new chance to figure it out.......


The "Do" Factor

Anyone who has known me for any length of time will attest to the fact that I'm a "doer".  I fill my life with all of the things, people and work (for the most part) that bring a smile to my face.  I move through my day and never quite realize or acknowledge my accomplishments.  I am am more of a "what's next" kind of gal. This morning, as I was finding present time from the dreamland of the night before, I had the thought that I had a lot to "do" today.  The list immediately began; walk the dogs, go to yoga, drop off an order of my pendants to a retailer, perform 6 massages and say a final goodbye to one of my favorite people who is moving cross country.  It was then that with the prospect of all of that, I felt a heaviness in my chest.  It seemed like too big of a mountain to climb - and that was just the time from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. The rest of the night would be devoted to my art which always seems to come last - when there isn't much of me left.

As I was wondering around the moroseness of it all, I realized that it wasn't my list that brought a heaviness, it was my frame of reference.  What if I simply woke up and instead of listing all of the "do's" of the day, I said "I have a lot to BE today"?  Instantly upon having the thought, I felt lighter.  Like the day held the promise of adventure and excitement.  To get the opportunity to "BE" a dog lover, an artist, a massage therapist, a friend - well that is the richness of life that "doing" can completely miss.  To simply do and not BE present to the grace of life is a life unloved.

Finding sanctuary with one's self and thoughts is a lifelong endeavor - a kindness given to oneself that can be expressed through our relationships, our art and our life.  Image