Weiner kitty eulogy

My kitty, Weiner, passed away peacefully on April 1st, 2013.  There wasn't any drama leading up to her passing; no tumors or diabetes.  Just a slow release of her kitty body to the  universe.  You see, Weiner, was 21 1/2 years old.  She held on long enough to see my daughter leave to truly begin her life.  I don't think she wanted Caitie to witness her death - like when a loved one waits for everyone to leave the hospital room to finally take their last breath.  Weiner wasn't alone though - I was there.  As I have been there for all of our pets passings; Filbert the 14 year old Australian Shepard who lost an eye to Weiner, Pee Wee the 10 year old mixed lab who never did give back our hearts and now Weiner who finally, after hating dogs for 19 years, found love with our rescued Florida hound, Daisy.

You see, each one of these fur babies taught me something invaluable.  Filbert let me in on the secret that persistence pays off.  Pee Wee led me to love more freely but have strong boundaries and Weiner, she taught me that you could be a "bad ass" and a lady all in the same breath.

I have learned more about life from my pets about how to be true, honest and authentic than I have from any one person.  Perhaps that's how it should be - their intentions are so transparent - they simply want to love and receive love in return.  Isn't that what we are striving for?

Good night my sweet little kitty...........thank you for loving me.Image