The "New Age" of Me

I saw an old friend this weekend while selling my art work at a local show. It had been awhile since we last spoke. As it is in life, people can move in out of one's circle not so much with drama but with a quiet separation of time and space. It was good to see him. He had bought a piece of my pottery a few years back and was now interested in acquiring another. The joy that it brings me to see someone connect with a piece of my work is, at times, overwhelming. I actually have to hold myself back from simply giving it away.

He said something during the course of our conversation that has stuck with me. He told me that I have gotten "new age". At first I felt myself become defensive and then, as I was processing the statement , he added, " not that it's a bad thing". I have never thought of myself in these terms and it set my mind to wander what that actually means. My response was something like "I like to think that I have become a kinder and gentler version of me."

We talked a little more. He picked a piece that suited him and then he was off with a warm good-bye.

As I have thought about this, I looked back upon the years that we had known each other which added up to well over 25. I realized that, in some ways, he was correct. If being "new age" is becoming more aware of myself and my life; becoming more tolerant of my fellow man; of being comfortable in my own skin; doing what brings me joy and sharing it with the people I love then yes, absolutely I am "new age."

In my profession of massage therapy, all too often, I see people become bitter and resentful of their lot in life. Unrealized dreams, unspoken desires and fear of failure hold many people back from a life they love. I don't want to be one of those people. I move forward fully knowing that I have the choice to settle or reach beyond. I have only myself to blame if I allow my self imposed obstacles to stop me.

When I touch clay, all I can see are the possibilities - of creativity, of growth, of life. If this new age then so be it :)