Working Studio Location:

Artists @ Work Studio and Gallery is an active working arts studio located at 4 West Main Street (northwest corner of Main & Broad streets) on the second floor of the Historic McMinn Building in downtown Brevard, North Carolina.  Artists in residence include Lucy Clark (Ceramics), Cathryn Cooper (Watercolor/Graphite) and Suzanne Crolley, Egg Tempera and Charcoal.

We want our studio to be the kind of space art lovers feel comfortable visiting and watching the work being created, while gaining insight into the inspiration of each artist.  We believe a decision to purchase art begins with an emotional connection to the work. Being able to communicate with the artist is nearly essential to the collector’s appreciation of the work; not only for its monetary value, but to understand the work through the heart and soul of its creator.

We will be open Wednesday-Saturday, 10:30- 5 p.m. You can also contact us for an appointment or stop by and take a chance on another day – because creativity doesn’t always watch the clock.

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